Avatar Lab Bench System

Avatar Lab Bench System

Transform your lab space with the Avatar Lab Bench System—a free-standing, adjustable solution designed for efficient use of available lab space. Available in single-sided and double-sided versions, this innovative system features height-adjustable shelves and countertops. Integrated electrical, data, and plumbing services units streamline functionality.

More than just furniture, the Avatar Lab Bench System is a flexible solution marked by quick-connect fittings for effortless installation and adjustments. With various sizes, options, and configurations, it meets your exact needs. Concealed wires and hoses create a clean, organized aesthetic, enhancing functionality. Whether single-sided or double-sided, it offers countertop, shelving, services, and cabinet options for adaptability in new projects or renovations.

Built to last, the Avatar Lab Bench System serves your laboratory for years, adapting to changing needs—an invaluable investment that evolves with you.


The Avatar Lab Bench System is certfied by ETL to conforms with UL 962

360° Rotating View

  • Table Frame: All welded structure with smooth outer surface and clean finished look.
  • Table Legs: Tables are 4-legged standalone table that is bolted on to the bench frame verticals.
  • Powder Coated: Standard and custom color options available. Epoxy and Polyurethane chemical resistant powder coat finish applied on all our steel products.
  • Stainless steel: Usually provided in T304 grade polished finish.
  • Overall: Various heights available for verticals. Range: 54” - 84”
  • Countertop height: Work surface can be adjusted with spring loaded knobs in 1” increments. Range: 30” - 37”
  • Levelers: Each leg is fitted with adjustable levelers.
  • Brackets: Center vertical can be anchored with optional seismic brackets.
  • Shelves: 16ga reinforced steel shelves with 1, 2 or 3 tiers as required. The shelves can be provided with lips at front and back or with seismic rods and turrets. The shelves can also be extended +3” in depth to meet in the middle of the verticals.
  • Brackets: 14ga thick stepped inverted and bookend brackets to fit into the slots on bench verticals. The brackets are height adjustable in 1” increments.
  • Cabinet Rails: 14ga C-channels designed to accept hanging cabinets. The rails are welded in place for sturdier construction.
  • Cabinet Back Stop: 14ga channel that can act as a back stop for optional mobile cabinets.
  • Modesty Panel: 16ga panel that can be bolted or welded in.
  • Monitor Arm: Adjustable and tilting monitor arm can be provided for screens and monitors.
  • Task Light: We can provide task lights and brackets to attach to shelves as required.
  • Electrical Receptacles: No separate wire-mold mounted to the bench frame. Integrally installed at the lower horizontal channel and/or one vertical column. Two duplex receptacles above countertop and one below countertop can be located in the vertical column. The horizontal channel can accommodate 1-6 duplex receptacles depending on the width of the bench frame. Vertical columns and the horizontal channel have removable covers to provide easy access for maintenance. All receptacles are wired to 120V/20A circuits with 3-wire or 4- wire power cords that terminate with twist lock plugs. Available configurations are as follows:
    • L5-20P – Maximum of 2 twist locks on 2 circuits
    • L14-20P – Maximum of 2 twist locks on 4 circuits
    The system can accommodate a maximum of 2 male plugs providing 4 circuits.
  • Data Outlets: Data outlets are provided on the vertical columns and/or the lower horizontal channel. Up to 12 data outlets can be provided with CAT 6A, CAT 6 or CAT 5E cords. Each outlet runs a separate cord to the ceiling service panel.
  • Service Fixture: Air, Gas, Vacuum, and other services fixtures are provided inside the one vertical column of the frame. Vertical columns have removable panels that provide easy access for maintenance. Quick disconnects and extension to ceiling service panel is provided. Watersaver Faucet Co. (wsflab.com) products are used.
  • Ceiling Service Panel: 16ga panel with matching electrical receptacles and quick disconnect fittings are provided. Extra cutouts and holes for future use can be added as required.

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Avatar Lab Bench System

Adaptability, innovative design, and lasting quality for a seamless integration into your lab.



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